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The fantastic JIMnastic sports bag
235,00 EURO
F660 JIMMY is the individual, variable-volume bag you can put to any number of uses on your way to your sports rendezvous.
- Crossbody to crossfit or wherever else you choose thanks to long, adjustable shoulder strap
- Grips to ensure you can grab any opportunity by the throat
- Huge external pouch with inner pocket for your smartphone and gym lock connector
- Elasticated bottle holder to keep things nice and tight
- Large zippable inner compartment keeps dry stuff separate from wet
Dimensions: 470 × 190 × 260 mm (L × W × H) / 18.5 × 7.5 × 10.2 in (L × W × H)
Volume: 25 liters
Materials: used truck tarps and a water-repellent PFC-free textile made by our production partners We aRe SpinDye® from discarded PET bottles using a water-saving process.
Athletes need to be flexible—both physically and mentally. And so do their bags. Luckily, we now have F660 JIMMY, the first flexible, variable-volume sports bag from FREITAG, produced from used truck tarps and a soft material sourced from discarded PET bottles.
Thanks to its adaptability, the bag’s never too big for exploits requiring a minimum of gear and never too small for giant outdoor chess adepts with a penchant for taking the odd queen or bishop along with them. In a nutshell, F660 JIMMY is the perfect bag for serial winners who plan to win a championship medal on the way home; as well as people interested in more bizarre, individual sports; and those just planning to bike home from work.
And for the first time ever, FREITAG sports bags have become team players. The F660 JIMMY isn’t just a recycled, individual one-off for solo sports fans: the PET material also comes in three different, basic team-building colors: foggy blue, marsala and black.